Because we seem to think we have bought the tickets as well as the flight attendants.

Last week my 11.50 PM flight was delayed due to unexpected rain and bad weather (there were reports of a cyclone too). The delay was for only one hour.

The airline operator had sent text messages on the registered mobile numbers of all the passengers.

Since travel agents are still common in India, there is always a small percentage of people who don’t get these messages (presumably because the travel operator might be using his mobile number during the Registration).

Now, imagine a frail young lady in her early 20s, is surrounded by a group of 8 to 10 men, screaming and shouting at the boarding gates because these people were not informed of the delay.

Imagine all of these men, mostly in their late 50s, making sexist and elitist remarks at this girl only because the flight was delayed by one hour and she had the audacity to say it could be delayed further due to bad weather.

These guys were demanding tea and snacks to be provided for this gross inconvenience.

When I tried to calm them down and explained that it was not the personal fault of the lady, this entire group made me their target and started asking if I was saying to become some sort of a Hero?

Now it was my turn to become their object of fury and ridicule. I was asked if I would be willing to pay them if anyone missed their connecting flights.

Thankfully, the security personnel arrived and off went all the protestors and rioters.

A lot of Indians have a weird sense of entitlement and superiority complex.

I have seen so many of such incidents in the last couple of years that it makes me really ask what are these Sanskaars and what is the Greatness of our Culture that we so pride ourselves over?

So the answer is our general politeness, grace, and humility in dealing with people who serve us makes us the favorite passengers for flight attendants

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