Role & Responsibilities:

  • Detailed route and network analysis using data sources such as PaxIS and OAG
  •   Preparation of papers relating to network for CEO, board, and senior management
  • Extensive competitor schedule and network benchmarking
  • Advanced Excel based modelling and analysis
  •   Monitor route performance in terms of OTP and actual versus planned block times
  • Analyze OTP data and recommend changes in schedule to improve operation efficiency
  • Plan for, analyze and evaluate impact on schedule changes due to closures (NOTAMS) etc
  • Monitor UK and OAL slot utilization
  • Prepare various reports related to network/slots/schedule
  •   Liaison with other UK operational departments to ensure smooth ad-hoc and seasonal       schedule changes

Required Experience

  • General understanding of the Indian aviation industry
  • Past airline experience preferable
  • Knowledge of statistical data analysis methods
  • Strong quantitative and MS Excel skills. VBA and SQL skills preferred but not required

Key Attributes 
Strong passion for and knowledge of the airline industry
Strong research and data conceptualization skills 
Analytical bent of mind and clear thought process 
Self-motivated and a team player

Criteria provided by job poster


  • No matchOTP
  • No matchMicrosoft Excel
  • No matchAnalytical Skills
  • No matchStatistical Data Analysis
  • No matchData Analysis
  • No matchClosures
  • No matchData Analytics
  • No matchVisual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • No matchAviation
  • No matchBenchmarking

Job Details

Seniority Level

Mid-Senior level


  • Aviation & Aerospace

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Other