When did you think you could pursue a career as a flight attendant and what was your idea behind such a decision?

When I started thinking about a career as Cabin Crew I was a teenager, whilst pursuing high school, in a small town from Haryana. Where I lived for approximately 7 years, there I transformed myself by the time I finished high school. I already abandoned the idea of working among the clouds till the second year of my graduation when a good friend of mine told me that her dream after she finishes her studies is to become a Flight Attendant. That was the moment when I starting dreaming about it again, about traveling the world and to accompany world traveler to their dream destinations.

What is your present job? Do you think your experience helped you in any way at the interview?

At the moment I don’t have a job, but I started working from when I was 16 years old because I always liked being around people and being resourceful. I started as a Customer Seaviationrvice Executive for a company, and then I worked as a Waitress and Bartender in a restaurant-bar. In the end, I had the opportunity to work as a Receptionist at a hotel. I think these jobs helped me so much to form myself as a person and at the same time were a plus at the interview, as well as my knowledge of foreign languages.

How did you prepare for the interview with SpiceJet? How many interviews did you attend before succeeding?

When I am interested in something I do my research. I met team Aviation Indeed, New Delhi. They did my road mapping and gave me free interview preparation. The instructor told me to read all sorts of articles, I entered on many forums, I started taking notes, details about each company and also started studying a little bit of the aviation vocabulary. I decided to follow the Aviation Indeed’s News & Insights which brought me a lot of courage and more ambition to make my dreams come true. Excellent trainers and a very relaxing atmosphere at the venue made all the information very accessible which were necessary for the interview and about this job to be assimilated very easily and with a pleasure rarely encountered.

How did you manage to stay positive at the moment when you were eliminated from an interview?

It is for a fact that I participated in multiple interviews for different airline companies. In most cases, I wasn’t able to manage to pass through the CV Drop day, which disappointed me a little. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong, what was missing, why (even though everyone saw that I have the discipline and personality to be the perfect stewardess, just like in movies) I couldn’t crack the final interview. After a few attempts, I stopped asking myself these questions, I was more relaxed, I did not let the anxiety reflect on the face or tried to overcompensate for it and I went straight for the interview, being as genuine as I can. I imagined meeting the recruiters like I was meeting my best friends at a coffee shop where we talk and make plans for the future. I think I succeeded to bring that good feeling and optimism and that’s exactly what led to my success. I encourage everyone to not give up after a few attempts. I am sure that each one of us has the right to fly and we should do our best to achieve it.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for a flight attendant?

What is the biggest challenge for a Cabin Crew? Well…I think here the answer varies from person to person. For some missing home and staying away from the loved ones is the biggest challenge, for others the fact that they cannot communicate in their mother tongue at their workplace, having a different lifestyle, to confront with a different and difficult situation and persons along with the flight.

Tell me what are the 3 most important qualities that a future candidate should possess to crack the interview?

After I participated in so many and diverse interviews I made myself aware that it wasn’t my fault. I started to think that for a candidate to get recruited; it has to be “love at first sight” between the recruiter and candidate on the interview day. This idea helped me stay in track when I was eliminated from another interview and to attend more interviews ready to win the recruiters. It is very well known that the preparation before the interview is fundamental. Information is the key. Confidence in yourself and perseverance are, as well, an important factor. And smile, lots of natural big smile because it brings a lot of warmth, love and optimism.

Do you want to transmit a message for How to be in a Cabin Crew team?

The founders of Aviation Indeed introduced me with their SpiceJet project from the beginning of the project and also helped me to write yet another amazing story of Cabin Crew Life, what it means to live the life in the clouds. Good luck to future readers and candidates, I wish you success in life and the will to stay motivated and last but not the least I would like to quote that “The sky is not the limit, it’s just the beginning!”

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