Troubled airline Jet Airways halted its entire operations from Wednesday night for want of funds is set to unnerve India’s aviation ecosystem with its adverse impact on other business in the value chain as well as on a large number of jobs. It is also set to have a ripple effect on market competition, fares and the travel experience as rivals struggle to cater to a sudden availability of market share left behind by Jet.
Neil Salaria an ex-employee of Jet Airways is deeply moved with such a mishap with his previous company as he feels what he is today has a lot to do with his previous experience with Jet Airways. Today, Neil runs an Aviation consulting firm which actively places candidates in airlines jobs. He is determined to help his Jet Airways family members and urges them to contact for different roles available across the airline and hospitality industry. Few of the important placement partners with Aviation Indeed includes but not limited to SpiceJet company, Interglobe CAE, Club one air, Starbucks, Chockola, etc.
He urges jet airways employees to mail their updated resume with their area of interests to