Aviation industry is mainly divided into two categories:
1.civil aviation and military aviation.
2.Worlds fastest growing market with bangalore is its manufacturing hub,constitutes 65% of its total manufacturing.
3 Civil aviation in India traces its origin back to 1911, when the first commercial civil aviation flight took off from Allahabad for Naini.
4.Indigo,jet airways,Air India, spice jet and go air are the major carriers in order of their market share. These airlines connect more than 80 cities across India and also operate overseas routes after the liberalisation of Indian aviation.
5.India is the ninth largest civil aviation market in the world having a potential of becoming third largest aviation market by 2020.
6.It recorded an air traffic of 163 million passengers in 2013, estimated to be 60 million international passengers by 2017.
7.Ministry of Civil Aviation is responsible for civilian aviation and Ministry of Defence is responsible for the Indian Air Force.

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