Aviation Indeed is the prominent Talent acquisition firm in the Aviation, Hospitality, Retail and F&B Industry. We provide the perfect piece to match your company’s puzzles, whether they are linked to recruiting or consultation.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO) is a form of business model in which an employer outsources the complete pain of recruitment and staffing to an external organisation. Aviation Indeed has been a reliable RPO firm for very well renowned organisations in the Industry.

Benefits of Using an Reliable RPO

  1. Assured Quality: The main reason and benefit of hiring an RPO such as Aviation Indeed is the constant supply of quality minus the hassle involved.
  2. Cost Effective: Cost reduction on advertising is one the added advantage of having an RPO at your disposal. An RPO can cater to the fluctuating recruitment needs of a firm in the given period of time, which saves a firm both time and money.
  3. TALENT POOL: An RPO usually has a pool of talent waiting to be recruited and they can provide candidates with different caliber from a range of industries.
  4. STAKEHOLDER SATISFACTION: The senior level management and Stakeholders of a firm are more satisfied as the agreed Service-Level Agreements are fulfilled.