A 23-year-old Emirates flight attendant is becoming an Instagram star, documenting her travels on an account that has 60,000 followers.

Brigita Jagelaviciute’s page features scenic photos of destinations around the world. Like many Instagram users, her posts are heavy on food, selfies, fashion, and landmarks — both natural and man-made — with an eye toward vibrant colors and photogenic lighting. The Lithuanian flight attendant told that she’s been to 74 countries so far.

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Jagelaviciute told The Daily Mail she was inspired to be a flight attendant after seeing Emirates flight crew at Nice Cote d’Azur International Airport in France several years ago.

“I still remember that moment so clearly and when I saw the crew walking in the airport with their beautiful red hats I was taken aback as I have never seen or heard anything about the airline before,” she said.


For Jagelaviciute, the ability to avoid a strict routine and meet new people are among her job’s highlights, but it can also become lonely and exhausting, she told The Daily Mail.

“The worst part of being a flight attendant is most definitely jet lag. It’s hard to even explain what you feel if you have never experienced it,” she said. “You have to be capable to quickly adjust to different temperatures, time zones and places and it’s not easy. I think even after having worked many years in aviation people still struggle sometimes to fight it.”

Still haven’t edited the Brasil/Argentina video but I promise it will be up sooner rather than later! Just bare with me guys! Hugs �

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But with hardship comes opportunities for self-growth.

“Some of the most memorable things in my flying career have been when I had dared to step out of my comfort zone,” she told The Daily Mail.

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