Certified Practical Training

  • Training facilities comprise of, Services and Emergency Trainers.
  • Water survival training- A wet drill training pool and well-equipped classrooms as per airlines standards.
  • Aviation environment that reflects real-time aviation challenges that might occur during real-life flights.
  • Training Center is spacious, modern and fully equipped with cabin safety training equipment such as ground training devices and mock-ups providing for a realistic environment.
  • Highest quality and safest flight training.


  • Airbus A 320 Cabin Emergency and Evacuation Trainer (C.E.E.T).

The Trainer is placed on a platform of the exact height that of the aircraft.  The cabin section avails a fully operational type of emergency exit matching those on the real aircraft.  The exits are equipped with evacuation slides or slide/rafts compatible to those placed on board.

  • Airbus A 320 Door Trainer (D.T).

The Airbus A 320 D.T device represents a fully operational door (normal and emergency) machine exactly the one on board the aircraft. The cabin profile side provides a complete set of overhead stowage bins, allowing the drop of oxygen masks in case of decompression. The D.T also has an attached slide/raft to the door area for the practical application of emergency evacuation.

  • Boeing B 737 Door Trainer (D.T).

The B 727 D.T device represents a fully-operational door (normal and emergency) matching exactly the one on board the Aircraft. The D.T also has an attached slide to the door area for the practical application of emergency evacuation.

  • Live Fire Fighting Trainer (F.T.D).

The F.T.D device represents a simulated oven fire, galley trolley fire, seat fire, overhead bin fire, trash bin fire. Smoke situations can also be created and trainees are taught. Cabin crew members are trained how to use the fire extinguishers to put out fires in case of a trash bin or oven fire on board on aircraft.

  • Water Training (Ditching).

Aviation Indeed has a training pool for land and water emergency ditching training exercises to prepare pilots and cabin crew for the actual event of an aircraft landing on water. Also provided are life vests and slide rafts, enabling the most thorough pilot and cabin crew emergency training program.


  • Classrooms equipped with the latest technology and teaching aids.

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