Certificate course in in-flight management

1. Course content
▪ Familiarization with the world of aviation
▪ In-flight procedures of safety and security
▪ First aid familiarization
▪ Customer relationship management
▪ Introduction to aviation loyalty program
▪ Effective communication
▪ Grooming and art of doing make-up
▪ Interview preparation for cabin crew positions

2. Eligibility criteria for the course
▪ Educational Qualification: Higher Secondary
Certificate (10+2)
▪ Nationality: Indian
▪ Minimum Age: 17 years, 6 months
▪ Minimum Height: Girls – 155 cm
                                      Boys – 173 cm
▪ Weight: In proportion to height
▪ Eyesight: Normal (Acceptable limit: +/-3)
▪ Language: Satisfactory communication skills in
▪ Appearance: Clear complexion, no tattoos,
marks, blemishes on any visible part of the body

3. Fee structure
▪ 95000 INR + 18% GST  for the complete course
4. Benefits of doing the course
▪ On successful completion, the candidate will get
Aviation Indeed certificate which carries a lot of
weight in the industry as Aviation Indeed is
recruitment partner with a lot of leading airlines in
▪ The candidate will have a clear overview of Cabin
Crew job.
▪ The candidate will be well prepared for the
interviews at airlines as the course is designed
and taught by experienced aviation experts

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