Twin sisters Liz and Lynn Ng discuss fulfilling a shared dream to fly Singapore Airlines as cabin crew together
Passengers traveling between Singapore and Paris on Flights SQ334 and SQ333 last December might have felt confused, believing they were seeing double.
The reality was even more surprising. Passengers were indeed seeing double – in the form of identical twins Liz and Lynn Ng. The two sisters had both qualified as Singapore Airlines cabin crew and were sharing their first flight together.

cabin crew twins silverkris
Twins Liz and Lynn Ng are both cabin crew on Singapore Airlines flights

The 26-year-olds laugh when they remember the experience, “On the way back to Singapore we shared the same galley, so we were giving out towels at the same time in both aisles,” recalls Lynn.

“A passenger spotted us and started telling everyone,” takes up her sister, Liz. “People thought it was great and were all keen to take our photo.”

From sharing a desk in school to attending culinary college together, they have been pretty much inseparable since their conception – their heartbeats were so in sync that the fact there was two of them went undetected during the pregnancy.

twins inseperable cabin crew story
The twins have been inseparable since childhood

Fate decided for the twins to operate the same flight to Paris as the rostering system does not identify them as twins. Therefore, when they got their roster, the twins were excited about this opportunity. “It was even better than it was Paris – it was both of our favorite destinations,” Lynn adds.

That a city famed for its patisseries is a favorite for the twins is not unexpected. Both sisters are in fact trained pastry chefs who worked together at a café and ran an online bakery for six months in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, before making the decision to apply to be cabin crew.

Characteristic of them, it was something they decided on together. “Neither of us had brought it up before,” says Liz, “but actually, we discovered we had both been considering applying.”

twins together travelling cabin crew
The twins travelling together with their family

“We were excited about working in Singapore and having the chance to travel,” Lynn continues. While they applied together, they were in separate batches during the three months of training, with Liz taking the exams first. They worried that one of them wouldn’t make it through the rigorous training program.

Working with Singapore Airlines has changed their lives. Now they find themselves spending a lot of time apart, seeing each other in person for just two or three days a month. In some ways, they both see it as a positive.

twins graduating cabin crew
Liz and Lynn graduating together

“It’s nice to be more independent. People see you as an individual, not as part of a pair,” explains Lynn. Despite this, they FaceTime and message each other every day when they are off duty. Most of those conversations revolve around sharing tips and advice on what cafés and restaurants to visit.

“We’d love to own and run our own café back home one day,” admits Liz. For the moment, though, this sweet dream is on hold as they continue to enjoy the opportunities that their current career offers – tracking down the best pastries in the many destinations across the Singapore Airlines global network.

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