Most of us know by now that while there are certainly some perks to living in the sky, the day-to-day life of a flight attendant is not as glamorous as the pristine uniform might suggest.

Proving this point, Susan Brown, a flight attendant who claims to have experience with Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Etihad, aired some of her biggest gripes when it comes to poorly behaved passengers – and it’s fair to say some are pretty disgusting.

According to her “What are some things that airplane passengers do that annoy the airplane crew?” some passengers seem to lose all inhibitions at 40,000 feet – bodily fluids, gases, and not-so-subtle smooches included.

One of her biggest bugbears is when a passenger has bad breath – but the rudeness doesn’t stop there

She said she usually notices it after a passenger has been sleeping on a long flight, and the crew starts the breakfast service in the morning.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to at least chew some gum or take some breath mints when you speak to us in the morning,” she said.

And that’s not the only odor she has to deal with while on shift. Another thing she dislikes is when a passenger farts “really loud.”

“This is a human thing, everyone [does] this. Being on board a plane for a long period of time, we get gassy, bloated and I understand that” she wrote. “But please don’t make a really loud noise, and let it all out as if no one is around.”

This prompted another  user, Rishi, who describes himself as a “self-motivated cabin crew who flies with a world-renowned airline from the Gulf,” to share another pretty gross low point of the job – when people “burp [i]n the crew’s face when they are collecting their tray.” Nice.

flight attendant cookieFelipe Kolm/Warda Network

Brown went on: “I lost count on how many times I had to tell passengers to put their seat up when being served the meals. It is such a rude behavior to do this when it is meal time. Imagine the person sitting behind you and trying to eat their meal having the tray table literally on their tummy.

“I get so many complaints about this and I don’t know how many times I had to go over and ask the passengers to put their seat up.”

seat plane

Naturally, she’s also had some lavatory-related issues.

It apparently really annoys airplane crew when passengers walk barefoot to the loo.

“At least put some socks on. On many flights, we give complimentary amenity kits that include socks. Do they know how dirty/disgusting the aircraft floors are? Obviously not,” she wrote.

plane toilet

And passengers who don’t clean up after themselves after using the bathroom are also understandably irritating.

“How is it possible to pee all over the seat, flush and go out. Don’t they understand it is disgusting for the next passenger in line to see that? We often get complaints about this and it is so annoying.”

The crew hates hearing couples joining the mile high club.

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