Personality, skills & knowledge are the first things which a person checks while recruiting. Keeping this in mind Aviation Indeed took a step to help the student community of Delhi, India and organized a 40-hour long training program in one of the colleges of that region.

Giving personalized attention to each and every student and simultaneously maintaining the standard of education while making the classes interesting is not an easy job, but our experts never fail to do that and keep the spirits of the students high throughout the process.

Now, after giving the students thorough training for cabin crew, ground handling, interview preparation etc., they are ready to fly and achieve their dreams. The training was in various domains which included but is not limited to group discussions, personality development, aviation management and aviation courses specific to the area in which students were enrolled.

Here is a quote from one of the students who took training there:
“The experience which the trainers provided was truly unique and exhilarating in terms of the quality of education and training provided by them. I consider myself lucky to have undergone such training.” -Vaibhav

After providing the students proper training like CV creation, Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs), Group Discussions, HR Interview techniques, Aptitude tests etc., we gave them opportunities for interviews in different companies so that they can start working towards their goal.

We want to keep on helping future of India to grow in the aviation industry and are all always on our foot to help them in any way we could. If you feel like we could provide any services to you feel free to contact, the contact details are given below:
Ph. No: +91-9599910263

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