With Great Money Comes Great Responsibility

Any airport or airline cannot sustain without the help from ground staff. They have become an integral part of the aviation industry and one cannot imagine future of aviation industry without them.

Ground Staff job lures many people towards it due to its pay scale. Well, let me just say that the challenges faced on the job are proportionate to the money which they earn. One of the challenging aspects of the job is that they must think quickly and creatively.

Ground staff on Airport have many duties in which the most important is ensuring safety and comfort of the passengers throughout their journey. To fulfil this they have to do many tasks every day. Every airline have their own job description for Ground Staff, but duties mentioned below can be expected in general:

  •  The ground staff are responsible for passenger service duties, which include the manning of check-in counters for departing passengers, as well as arrival and departure gates.

  • To ensure passenger comfort, the ground crew is responsible for all cabin services.

  •  Passenger service agents are hired by airlines to attend to customers before, after, or between flights.

  •  Answering questions and assisting passengers with various needs.

  • Taking reservations.

  • Issuing tickets.

  • Verifying passenger identification & printing boarding passes.

  • Helping travellers to check in their baggage at ticket counters.

  • Ensuring the delivery of baggage.

  • Conducting security screenings of passengers and their baggage may be required as well.

To be able to do all these jobs the minimum requirement which an airline expect are as follows:

  • Must have good command over English language and have excellent communication skills.
  • Minimum educational qualification is 12th pass.

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