Aircraft Training



1.1 A320 EXTENDED DOOR TRAINER It accommodates both main door and overawing exit in one modular structure, fitted with passenger seats and overhead stowage bins with oxygen drop down mask. The bespoke Instructor Operating Station (IOS) controls all door malfunctions i.e.  Door jam  Control handle jam  Power assist failure  Auto inflation failure  Total inflation failure etc., Through scenario-based exercises, cabin attendants acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to efficiently manage any situation, routine or emergency

1.2A-320 CEET (Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer)

With smoke and audio capabilities – simulates a lifelike cabin environment, providing optimum conditions for integrated safety and service training scenarios. These trainers include FAA-accepted emergency exits and other interior features which are a replica of their own fleet type. Mounted base frame with a wing which allows evacuation from the cabin through the overawing exit, forward galley area with passenger and cabin attendant seats, aircraft harness and stowage boxes. Cabin interior offers  Replica window panels,  Outboard light diffusers,  Overhead stowage bins with oxygen drop down mask. Forward galley area offers  FWD Lavatory  FWD closet area, provisions for Cart  Atlas box ovens (synthetic fire and smoke)  Ceiling lights with speakers. L1 door offers various door failure malfunctions like  Handle Jam, Door Jam  Power Assist Failure  Slide Auto & Total Inflation Failure  Residual Pressure

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