“Creativity is the process of having original ideas which have value.” Nowadays, one such creative and an extraordinary idea is creating the best out of aircraft scrap. Once the aircraft is fully depreciated and cannot be further used for operations it is out for sale where all its parts are dismantled and further sold. Companies like Aviation Indeed are currently dealing with this scrap material. They deal in all types of aircraft parts such as AERO ENGINE, AIRFRAME, METERS, BLACK BOX, LANDING GEAR, APU`s [auxiliary power unit] & many other hospitality items (seats, seats cover, interior decorating items ).

These materials may be scarp for some but they are in much demand by the current businesses, many individuals have been running their businesses using aircraft body as a basic structure for their restaurants and amusements parks, the idea of using aircraft bodies is a very unique idea and is a model of great attraction because of which many people get attracted towards it and thus it leads to a great business for the individuals.

Dealing in aircraft scrap is a complicated process due to the huge bulk that needs to be transported from its initial point to the destination other than the transportation factor, other factors like the legal documentation involved for these scarp aircraft are quite complicated. Thus, there are very few companies in India that are currently in operations regarding the same, including ours.

Creativity is an adventure into an unknown world which can be explored only by those willing to take risks. Go ahead, take risks and create something extraordinary out of aircraft scrap and explore a completely different world.


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