Aircraft Sale Purchase and Lease



Dry Renting

It just incorporates lease of air ship, without fuel, pilot or support staff. You have operational control of the airplane.


Wet Renting

It incorporates lease of flying machine, fuel, pilots support and so forth. You have operational control of the airplane.



Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance & Insurance. As the name suggests, it is wet rent with protection

Why renting

It is reasonable under these circumstances

    • The client wouldn’t like to put a substantial sum in purchasing aircraft or flying machine operations
    • Awaiting conveyance of new flying machine.
    • Meet transient contracts and prerequisites
    • Aircraft for purchase in India
    • When you are hoping to secure another or pre-claimed Aircraft or Helicopter, Aviation Indeed Services will lead an overall market hunt to distinguish best appropriate open door for you in the market suiting your financial plan, sort of mission and different necessities, best case scenario reasonable cost. We have broad information and top to bottom experience required to help you secure your Aircraft or Helicopter in most reduced conceivable time. We name this vertical of an organization as Aircraft for buying India. After Acquisition, you may use our altered Aircraft administration benefits most appropriate for you to handle each part of everyday operations of your Airplane/Helicopter.

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