New Delhi: In what took the aviation sector by a storm, the flag carrier airline of India, Air India achieved a unique feat that stands out amid all international flight operations. The carrier operated the world’s longest, non-stop flight in the shortest time duration – covering a total of 15,300 km in just 14.5 hours. What is even more surprising is the fact that the national carrier flew from Delhi to San Francisco via the Trans-Pacific route which is relatively longer than the usual Atlantic route and still made it in record time.
According to reports, Air India made use of a simple fact – the use of wind direction to increase speed. Though the Trans-Pacific route is 1,400 km longer than the Atlantic route, what worked in the favour of the airline was flying in the same direction as that of the wind.
Air India’s decision to fly with the wind current rather against than against the wind, by taking the longer route also helped the national carrier to save about 13 tonnes of fuel, the report added. Before Air India, Dubai-based air carrier Emirates held the record of operating the world’s longest flight in the shortest time. Emirates had operated a Dubai to Auckland flight in 16.5 hours covering a distance of 14,200 km.
The government seems to be working with umpteen intent towards the disinvestment process of the state-run air carrier Air India after discussions held in NDA government’s first five-years failed to provide a conclusive and profitable framework.