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Aviation Indeed is a Global, Professional, Airline, MRO and Ground Operations, Support, Consulting, Training and Recuritment Company.

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Don't just feel confident. Wear it.

Presenting uniforms and accessories designed by India’s best designers made just for aviation staff, companies and institutes. For pre-order call aviation indeed today.

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||Shhh! Did you hear about the sale?!

They are selling dreams which are becoming real! ” Professional Aviation Sessions/ Courses for Airlines, Ground Handlings For Training Institutes & Individual Students. Specially designed by the Airlines experts as per aviation need.

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Fly high in your own booked charter and experience like never before. Giving you the best experience in chartered services.

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Aviation Indeed is coming to Shimla with all new fresh Aviation Courses and jobs

Aviation Indeed provide high quality courses to help you learn the skills needed to Join Aviation. Our courses are not just tutorials; they are real. They include lessons, exams, assignments, discussion boards and an Airlines experienced Instructor to help you master the learning outcomes.Aviation Indeed provides this all-in- one training solution for you. We have over 30 courses specifically focusing on professional career development.

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Our Services

A unique international sales and service company with a team of dedicated Aviation professionals who focus on providing a range of services targeted exclusively to the aviation industry. We take pride in our work and are committed to be a reliable business partner.

Cabin Crew/ Ground Staff Courses

We provide a dynamic portfolio of public access courses and tailored training programmes for Aviation Industry around the globe, designed to cover all aspects of aviation.

100% Assured aviation Jobs

We are a Team Of Well-Educated & Experienced Airport Staff, Knows What Difficulties Pax ,Airlines & Staff Is Facing At Airport. So Keeping All The Problems & Demands , We Are Committed To Give Trained Candidates, Which Is Best In Every Aspect Of Aviation which makes our company unique.

Aircraft Scarp

We are dealing in all types of aircraft parts such as AERO ENGINE, AIR FRAME, METERS, BLACK BOX, LANDING GEAR, APU`s [auxiliary power unit] & many other hospilarty items (seats ,seats cover,interial decorating items ) etc….

Certified Practical Training

  • Training facilities comprise of, Services and Emergency Trainers.
  • Water survival training- A wet drill training pool and well-equipped classrooms as per airlines standards.
  • Highest quality and safest flight training.

AME- OJT / Convert AME to Degree

The candidate must have completed all 5 semesters of AME course from a DGCA approved institution. http://dgca.gov.in/ame/ametrg.pdf. It is mandatory for candidates to obtain a recommendation letter from their college/ institution

DGCA Solved Questions Answers

DGCA Previous Papers can be downloaded from this page so it is conceivable to get ready all the more legitimately for the exam.You can download DGCA Last Years Solved Papers in pdf document.

Download Aircraft Manuals and Sample Cvs

Get collection of aircraft flight manuals from the single engine to multienglne Aircrafts , including pilots operating handbooks (POH), owners manuals, and POH supplements and popular Supplemental Type Certificate.

Hire Aircraft for Shooting

Hire AIRBUS A 300 Aircraft and CRZ 200 for Training and Shooting, Disaster Management Training, Fire & Smoke Drill with safety measures. Sliding down from aircraft, Artificial Fire and smoke training.

Empowering Emerging Businesses

With our quick and effective methods and unmatched experience in the industry we are known for helping aspiring aviation institutes establish and thrive.

Why Us

We have built our business on four core values












Aircraft Scarps- We Recycle, We Reuse, We Rebuild

“Creativity is the process of having original ideas which have value.” Nowadays, one such creative and an extraordinary idea is creating the best out of aircraft scrap. Once the aircraft is fully depreciated and cannot be further used for operations it is...

Increasing Fuel Price Could Target Retirement Jump

Rising fuel prices may ground some older aircraft if airlines cut capacity, but most are putting off the decisions until after the peak summer season. You won’t see a lot of change in the summer schedule as we move forward, but everybody’s looking at the...

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